Over-weight America needs healthy
nutrition for lasting weight-loss.

Is food your best friend?

Your crutch in life when you're feeling blue or things just aren't going right at work or home?

Have you ever wrestled with a craving for a food or flavor for that just won't go away?

Or maybe you're one of those tortured souls that can nibble on carrots, eat yogurt and tiny portions ... seemingly do everything right, yet not lose an ounce.

Then again, maybe none of the descriptions above fit you.

You're one of the lucky folks that don't really have a compulsive eating habit or a metabolism gone crazy. You're pretty much in control of your weight, but have just gotten larger over time and now realize it's time to get slimmer...healthier again?

If you fit in any of the descriptions above or you fall somewhere between then Healthy Weight Loss is what you truly need ...

Why a Healthy Diet?

It's simple: Once you have experienced the safest and best weight-loss methods and comprehend a healthy diet's holistic benefits -- there'll be no turning back to junk food and second-class slimming solutions! Once tried, your mind-set about 'weight-loss' and how you treat your body will be changed for a lifetime!

But why is it so important to be on a healthy weight-loss program?

If you're like most dieters, you'll do just about anything to chisel off a couple of pounds per month. And in this do-or-die mindset, folks settle for shallow, band-aid fixes, that can generate adverse reactions.

Reactions like chemical imbalances, distressed or unstable emotional states or a suppressed immune response. Some folks end-up completely out-of-alignment with their overall health needs.

Think I'm over-blowing it?

Did you know that the wrong kind of diet will burn important 'structural fat' (the kind that keeps your bust perky and face from sagging!!) and not even touch the immobile storage fat that you're trying so desperately to get rid of?

Or you can experience 'diet rebound' -- where you lose fat and inches fast, only to put them back on even faster! What an emotional and physical let-down!

So what's the solution? How will we help you, more than they will?

We're different from many other weight-loss sites out there.

We know that for you be healthy and achieve long-term weight-loss, it's absolutely essential that you to find a weight-loss program that meshes with your life-style and metabolism, while taking into consideration the emotional triggers to un-healthy eating.

Without a balancing of both the mental and physical aspects of the dieters life -- the dieter will not prosper in health, lose weight and maintain a healthy life-style.

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Your Unique Bio-Chemical and Emotional Make-up

You've heard of the term "bio-chemical individuality?" It's a science buzz term that basically captures the idea that every individual reacts uniquely and differently to food, drugs and various other stimulus.

A great example is the eating of proteins. Some individuals seem to flourish on animal protein (me!), while others achieve lasting health and balanced weight on a diet abundant in natural carbohydrates found in vegetables.

Similarly, an individual or group may use a particular drug -- like caffeine or guarana with relative impunity ... while others are found to be have extreme sensitivity to it and may express negative emotions, or even aggressive behavior while under its use.

It is essential to find both the correct and balanced diet for your bio-chemical and emotional make-up, in order for you to achieve you target weight and prosper in health.

So we've made it S-I-M-P-L-E to discover the best diet for you -- easily selecting from ONLY the most credible weight-loss approaches in just a short amount of time.

At the far left and above are Tabs that link to the easy-reading overviews of the most trustworthy diet approaches in the world. If what you read in the diet brief appeals to you, sounds like it describes you or your weight-loss problem, then you can explore further by clicking on an active link within the body copy.

If, after learning more details about a particular diet through the linked information, you can explore greater detail such as:

* Menus * Complementary Exercises (if any) * Food Choices * Dietary Supplements * and more information about the weight-loss plan you are interested in, than you'd ever care to learn.

Our program is S*I*M*P*L*E.

* Learn easily

* Lose weight

* and get healthier and all at the same time!

You've nothing to lose -- but excess pounds, inches and all those negative thoughts about yourself.

Why not look and feel a whole lot better about yourself --- starting today!