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We are all painfully aware that healthcare in America falls far short of it's goals. Sadly, the World Health Organization ranks the U.S. as 37th in quality of healthcare among all industrialized nations.

Our American healthcare community asks more from the populace in terms of compensation than any other nation, and provides significantly less in return.

Think of it!

The tiny north African nation of Morroco, and drug roiled Columbia in South America both have higher ranked, more responsible healthcare systems than the U.S.!

In the same unsettling vein, did you realize that consistent failures in the healthcare process in America makes the healthcare system itself the third leading cause of death among adults in America.

According to the AMA's own studies -- medical malfunctions (wrong medication, in-correct procedure, inadequate post-op care, infectious in-hospital diseases) cause at least 257,000 deaths per year.*

Causes of Death for Adults in America

#1: Heart disease.


#3:Failures of the U.S. Healthcare Itself.

Some critics speculate that the real mortality and injury rates would be found to be significantly HIGHER if the incidents were assessed by an impartial, outside auditing agency. Critics of the system believe that deaths and significant injuries might be 2 or 3 times the rate reported by the A.M.A.


These mind-boggling statistics, showing an astounding failure rate of our healthcare system are the driving force behind my search for the BEST diet, weight-loss, and health practices for you and me.

I am delighted to offer my years of research and holistic approach to healthcare to aid you in your choices of diet and weight loss.

Cheers!  Terry

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