Faster EFT Weight Loss

Faster EFT weight loss works, because it starts with discovering and removing the subconscious programs that keep you from losing weight permanently.

If your adventures in weight-loss have carried you through trying most of the common place approaches to weight-loss ... efforts such as portion-control, eating low-fat, eating high protein, exercise, vegetarianism, juicing, water binging or any of the other myriad of temporary fixes without success in keeping the weight off ... then you may be a prime candidate to get lasting results from a cutting-edge process called Faster-EFT!

If you've heard of EFT ... which stands for Emotionally Focused Therapy, then you know that it is a fantastically helpful process developed by Gary Craig in the 1980's. If the you're not familiar with the the process, EFT and now it's NEWER, FASTER version titled Faster-EFT or F-EFT for short, combines neuro-science research (the mind-body relationship) with the switching on and off of negative nerve responses at specific points in the body.

Faster EFT stands for Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation, by the way.  Emotional Fitness, is KEY to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

When you look at dietary approaches, most dieticians and nutritionists will agree that the real battle for weight-loss isn't in calorie counts or the fat-vs.-nonfat stuff ... but in the processes of OUR EMOTIONS and what it is that food "means to us" on a sub-conscious emotional level.

Think I'm kidding?
Don't commercials that make dining-out with friends seem so wonderful. Everybody is so happy, and beautiful or handsome and wonderfully dressed and affluent. No bad vibes there.

What about those images of Mom radiating love for her kids through warm cookies and hot cocoa on a cold winters day. We've seen 'em all a thousand times! Makes ya feel kind of 'warm and fuzzy' inside just thinking about it, right? That's my point. You feel "warm and fuzzy" (comforted and happy) just recalling those images in your mind.

Faster EFT Weight Loss - 40+

Likewise, if you're 40 or older ... you were made to believe that you could bring an end to the cold war with the Communists; shrink the likelihood of nuclear annihilation and make the whole world a better place by doing your part and drink Coke. It's that simple. Just have a Coke! Remember the tune ... "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony ... I like to hold it in my arms, and keep it company."  I remember the actors hand in hand; nation upon nation and you felt sub-consciously peaceable that Coke was such a great Ambassador for world understanding. 

I was part of the peace movement!! And didn't have be part of a 'sit-in' or join Green Peace. All I had to was invest thirty-five cents and I was in the action. Ultra-cool!

For many, food is kind of like an ever-present, always available, on-call Mom or bestest, best friend and comforter.
Was someone ugly with you on the job? Put you down in front of friends ... Don't worry. A silent call has gone out for the quiet Comforter who ususally slips in disguised as a cup-cake or a piece of chocolate, or french fries ...

OK ... but what does this have to do with Faster EFT weight loss ... and Faster EFT? 

Faster EFT is a great, long-lasting tool for quickly re-aligning the sub-conscious and the whole mental-game of weight-loss into winning shape. Faster EFT Weight Loss is like putting your mind, emotions and inner-being into fighting form is the difference in lasting victory or just winning a small, short-lived skirmish in your 'battle of the bulge'.

On a serious note, winning the battle of the sub-conscious mind and believing that you can get into a shape you are happy with and are 'worthy' of looking and feeling your best is a major component in keeping weight off long-term.

Does Faster EFT Weight Loss sound a little too far-out, too mysterious for you?  Well before you tune-me-out, allow me just a few minutes to explain the cool, neuro-science behind Faster EFT ...

First of all, Faster EFT is not hocus-pocus, nor does it have anything to do with Eastern philosophy or mysticism ... so it will not throw a monkey-wrench into your faith or turn you into a mindless, New Ager.

The fact is, the medical use of neuro-science and the use of body meridians is approved by the Mayo Clinic; by the A.M.A. and a stack of medical research.

You might be surprised to learn that accu-pressure and meridian science is the primary health care process for about two-thirds of the worlds population. That's not because they are poorer or more ignorant or care less for themselves than the West ... but because  they beleive it works better than, and is more effecacious than western style medicine. 

So, I guess we've come to that part where we need to answer the question of "How does it work and what does it do?"

Faster EFT is based on solid neuro-science and empirical studies of neural-meridians. By "neuro-science" we mean all the processes of how the brain and nervous system functions and processes information.

Below is an abbreviated version of a Faster EFT weight loss helping session:

The person helping you with Faster EFT weight loss asks a few questions to understand the issue from your perspective and takes a dieting history.

From there, the practitioner will simply confirm that you truly want a long term solution to your weight issue. Once confirmed, the person will ask you to relax ... then visualize your weight problem, or anxiety about the problem and then simply "tap", or have you tap on five points on your body if you're doing a skype or Google+ session.

They will then ask you to take in a deep breath ... blow it out and say, "Peace".

They will then ask you to feel how strongly you presently feel the anxiousness of being overweight or how the internal image of yourself has changed. They will repeat the process of tapping on a few easily accessed points on your forehead, face and chest and repeat the breathing exercise.

You will continue repeating this process until your internal self-image changes to a positive, hopeful, point-of-view.

And this simple, but skilfully directed process WILL change your outlook on you and on food and WILL change the outcome of your weight management process.

Faster EFT Weight Loss is different

To folks accustomed to "taking a pill" for every ailment, the idea of tapping on points of the body that effect self-concepts and self-images and releasing internally held issues by touching neurological meridians may seem a little unusual.

It certainly is new and exciting.

But it also works extraordinarily well to resolve emotional focused issues and allow the mind and body (they are one, inseparable unit) to find their own balance to maintain a healthy weight. 

Would you like to learn more about Faster EFT weight loss ?

There's no charge.  Just click on this link and visit to find out more about this truly amazing process. If you like what you see, (and you absolutely will) then schedule a time for either emotional-fitness coach Terry or Tracie, to get the inside You shaped up ... which will have a dramatic, long-lasting impact on the outside You. 

P.S.  If you have physical pain or some other issue that holds you back in life ... FEFT can help overcome those issues too.  Just touch base with Terry or Tracie using this link for a complimentary consultation

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