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Our HCG Success Stories will inspire you to prove to yourself that HCG really works! These stories are REAL success stories written by our customers and other visitors to our Healthy Weightloss and Diet site.

We sell Homeopathic HCG that is a VERY SAFE weight-loss product and doesn't conflict with other medications you are already taking. Another big plus is that exercise is actually frowned upon while taking HCG!

If you already have an HCG success story, please share it with other diet pilgrims here. We're also delighted for you to share some "family friendly" before and after photos of what you looked like before you started HCG and any or all the stages to where you are now.

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Other Success Stories

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Lose a couple of pounds QUICK! 
I am a 58 year old guy that tends to put on weight very easily. I have lost up to about 25 pounds at a time with HCG -- but then if I don't eat right (and …

Surprising weight-loss 
"We started the HCG drops after dinner on Sunday night and on Tuesday morning around 7:30 I weighed-in and had lost 4 pounds. 4 pounds in 36 hours! …

Lost weight after baby. 
I honestly purchased because it had a guarantee. I had put on a lot of weight during pregnancy that I never could get off. Anyway, I bought a bottle …

HCG worked with low blood sugar 
I have low blood sugar and some other health issues that make it real hard for me to lose. I had heard about HCG, there are billboards all over -- but …

HCG helped with weight break-through. 
I had gotten to that place in dieting where you hit a wall and can't seem to go any further. I had been on one of the top diets for a long time and had …

Homeopathy and HCG  
"We had heard about homeopathy, but really didn't know what it was. We thought it was herbs or something. Anyway -- Terry answered all the questions and …

Worked without adding to other health problems 
"My daughter has some chronic health issues ... it is very difficult for her to lose weight and stay healthy ... but we tried it and she has lost about …

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