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HCG Diet and Health Questions

Please ask your questions about using HCG to lose weight. Enter the subject of your question(s), then type your questions and concerns.

For the sake of the readers, please post questions on different subjects separately. For instance if you wonder about taking HCG with a medication and then also wonder about how the diet works, post 2 separate questions so that it will be easier for others to find and read your questions and the answers.

Questions Other Visitors Have Asked

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Maintaining your weight ? 
What can you eat and how do you maintain your weight when you are off of the spray ?? Is there a cookbook or any ideas on eating??

foods to eat 
can you eat eggs on this diet

No weightloss in the first week? 
I have been on the HCG Drops for 5days now and weigh the same as I did when I started the Drops, when should I see the weight loss, I have eating Great …

hcg safe products 
Is Murad products or proactive products safe to use while on hcg injections?

HCG instruction inconsistancies 
The place where I purchased my HCG said: no salt, no oils, don't mix your vegetables. Other sites have said you can have salt, use cocoanut oil in …

Ahava lotion and face cleanser products  
Are Ahava products from Dead Sea Laboratories alright to use? They say they are mineral hand cream and Cleanser/active dead sea minerals.

Self tanners 
Anyone know of a self tanner that is compatible with HCG diet? Also, sunscreen? Lip balm?

Do you have any HCG weight loss packages? 
I don't feel like I can do this by myself. First of all, the 500 calorie diet seems impossible and second I want some mental support.

On your meats list can venison be used

What is the composition of your HCG Nasal Spray 
What is the composition of your HCG Nasal Spray

Coconut Oil 
Can you have coconut oil while doing HCG diet

Round Two of HCG 
Having an extreme amount of weight to lose, how long after your 1st round of HCG do you have to wait before beginning the 2nd round. Is it 3wks or 6wks. …

HCG & Breastfeeding 
I had great success with this product a year ago and then I got pregnant. Now that I've had my baby, I'm ready to start again but I'm breastfeeding. …

ingredients in HCG spray 
what are the actual ingredients in the hcg spray

HCG & diabetes 
If you have diabetes is it safe to do this diet?

hgc & methadone interactions 
Does being on methadone affect weightloss on hgc diet? I can't find anyone who has experience with this.

Lipitor and HCG 
Should I continue taking during hcg homeopathic drops

MUFE makeup 
Can I use make up forever foundation? What kind of eye cream or gel can I use and what can I use on cuticles? Thank you

alcohol at special occasion 
I have a special occasion coming up and want to have a drink. What is the best type of alcohol to have? Should it replace a fruit?

Cheating one meal? 
Will i void the whole HCG diet if I had a cheat meal?

lenght of time on the diet 
Do you stop using HCG when you are at the desired weight or does it have to be used for a specific amount of time to be effective in maintaining the weight? …

Can you take hcg spray while on implanon implant birth control? 
Hi. I'm wanting to start the hcg spray, but I currently have the implanon implant in my arm. Will the hcg spray affect my birth control?

glutens, soy, dairy and egg 
Are any of the above in the product? I have celiac and various allergies, is it safe?

other medication 
can i take tylenol or ibuprofen for minor headaches and pains while on HCG

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How many HCG sprays a day? 
I just ordered the hcg spray from you and I'm just wondering how many sprays you do each time you use it and how many times during the day you should …

Side effects.. 
I have had a mini-stroke (TIA)....Can I safely use your product? Anita

Hit a wall in losing weight 
I seem to have hit a wall in my weight loss. I cannot seem to get lower than my current weight -- though I have tried diet after diet. Would adding HCg …

Mechanic on HCG 
My husband is a mechanic and gets oil and grease on his hands as he works. Will it effect his ability to lose weight?

Hand cream use while on HCG spray 
I use hand cream a lot at night on my hands and face. If I don't my hands and face just crack and really hurt especially in the winter. Will this effect …

Sporatic weightloss 
I have several HCG diet questions. Since getting back on the drops, I've been losing 1/2 lb., (one day) staying the same the next day, then (losing) another …

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