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Optimize Your HCG Diet Using Oil-Free Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

To facilitate weight-loss on the HCG regimen, it is important that one reduce the intake of fat and oil into the body -- not just from food -- but from all sources.

In keeping with this blueprint for success, the reduction of the oil in ladies make-up and daily skin-care regimen (softeners, moisturizers, cleansers, tanning oils, foundations, etc.,) which may have been a previously un-noticed source of oil-uptake for the body -- can be a meaningful step in optimizing fat-burn and weight-loss.

For the majority of people, HCG will work wonderfully at carving pounds off the body by simply reducing the nutritional intake of fat. For a minority, however, simply reducing nutritional fat is not enough. These individuals skin will absorb sufficient oil from the cosmetics and skin-care to significantly impact their loss of weight.

If you're currently happy and motivated with the amount of your daily weight-loss on HCG while using your normal make-up and skin-care -- then we suggest you leave your skin-care and make-up regimen as is. If the daily or total loss is less-than-desired or slower-than-hoped-for -- then we encourage you to seriously consider changing out your oil-based make-ups, foundations, cleansers for mineral or powder based ones.

A word about your money: Before investing in all new skin-care products, we strongly suggest that you try the HCG diet first without adjusting your skin-care regimen. Then if you're happy with your weight-loss as most folks are -- you've not wasted money on something that you didn't need.

For some individuals -- disallowing the body from absorbing topical oil in cosmetics and daily skin-care is a significant change that will move their results from "passable weight-loss" to "exciting and motivating weight-loss".

MOST major cosmetic companies offer "oil-free" or "oil-less" lines of cosmetics, foundations, cleansers, etc.,-- but not all companies sell their oil free lines in retail stores.

If your favorite retail store doesn't carry oil-free products by your preferred manufacturer -- then we suggest you go on-line to the home page of that cosmetic company and search their site for "oil-less" or "oil-free" products.


Mineral or powder based cosmetic should have no oil in them. However, when researching products, we found a number of products touted as “oil free” that had oils in them listed under chemical names. If uncertain about a chemical or content – speak with the cosmetic counter representative or contact the customer service department of the company website for clarification.

Pressed Face Powder (www.thebodyshop-usa.com/)

Bronzing Powder (www.thebodyshop-usa.com/)

Clinique, Stay True Oil Free Formula (www.clinique.com)

Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil Free Make-up (www.neutrogena.com)

Laura Mercier SPF 15 Mineral Powder (www.lauramercier.com/)

Skin Oils

Mineral oil (non absorbable)

Baby Oil (non-absorbable)

Coconut oil (is metabolized in the liver and will not convert to fat)

Aloe vera (no oil in Aloe. Can also be mixed with any of the above. 10 parts aloe to 1 part oil)

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