Benefits of exercise on HCG

by Timmy Turtle

How can exercise not be totally benefical. I always burn tons of calories when I go to the gym, shoot some hoops or jog. I don't get it?

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Sep 05, 2011
Why exercise and HCG diet doesn't work well
by: Terry

Assuming you are referring to exercising while on the HCG diet, the HCG diet is too low calorie to support proper bodily energy supply while exercising. There is a risk of the body scavenging muscle and essential body organs if put in that place.

I personally am concerned people might faint. If it is absolutely necessary to exercise, then do something that does not put you in danger of getting hurt, so that you can break off if you get light headed.

If you play sports, then you will need to increase your carbs by eating high fiber, low oil, low fat and low sugar of course.

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