Best Deodorant While on the HCG Diet

by "Hammy"
(The South)

Finding an 'oil free' deodorant that didn't break my skin out in a rash was a pain! I am naturally sensitive to chemicals and so when I started with the HCG diet it sent me scurrying to find a new deodorant that would work without making me break-out under my arms.

After too many tries (deodorants are too expensive to try and throw away!!) I found a "deodorant crystal" in a health food store.

I honestly don't know what kind of crystal it is -- but it has no smell; works great and doesn't irritate my underarms at all. I can't tell you what brand it is -- it did have a brand name -- but all I can remember is it saying it was a deodorant crystal. Hope this helps somebody.
P.S. This crystal isn't shrinking much with use. I bet it lasts a year or more -- for only about $6.00

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