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Free HCG with Weight Loss Packages

Our goal is to eventually stop you from dieting altogether, so we have developed the No Diet Method for weight loss.  It is a 90 day program that first helps you discover, and remove, the subconscious programs that keeps your body hanging on to fat.  Then we work on all the bad habits you created due to these old subconscious programs, like food cravings and eating habits.  You will discover what is best for YOU to eat, I won't give you a list of what you can or can't eat.  To discover more about the No Diet Method, visit

We are Programmed to Over-eat!

I could go on and on about this subject, but it's amazing (and frightening) how much food based television programming like Iron Chefs, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and other shows on The Food Channel along with billboards, food packaging etc., have created a nearly insatiable desire for food in the viewer. My wife and I love these fun, everybody-wins type shows and can hardly resist the urge to jump in our car and go gobble up some of the fantastic foods highlighted on the shows ourselves. 

On the conscious level, most of us have a love / hate relationship with food. We love the taste, texture and everything about the dining experience, but HATE the RESULTS of our indulgence!

But at the sub-conscious level, where the mind processes and controls up to 93% of our behaviour and attittudes, we have been programmed by the media, food service industry and grocery biz to perceive food as an ever present best-friend, our lover and ever-comforting buddy.

As you work through our site and the BEST of the BEST diets, we are confident you'll find answers to 'end the madness and sadness' of weight-gain and weight-loss . 

To that end, HCG spray is not an end-unto-itself. However, it can be a powerful, very encouraging; very motivating step, helping you lose weight today, and will help you move forward on the path to finding a long-lasting metabolic / lifestyle solution to your weight issue. 

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