Can't lose weight NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY.

by Anne

I have the hardest time losing weight. It seems that no matter what I do I can't lose weight. Even if I eat a very low calorie diet, I either gain or don't lose weight.

What do you suggest?

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HCG Spray works!
by: Me Too

I am right there with you! I have struggled for years and I actually found the less I eat the more I gain! Crazy, but true.

I found that using the HCG Spray and eating something every couple of hours made a big difference in my ability to lose weight.

I wasn't so interested in quick weight loss as I was in just losing it for good. I ate the HCG diet for the most part, but I also snacked on a few high fiber wheat square cereal pieces throughout the day. I only lost about a pound every 3 days, but at last I lost weight!

My life turned upside down for a bit after I lost 10 pounds, so I quit the diet. I have NOT gained the weight back in the 6 months I have been off of it. :-) I eat the Sonoma diet, sort of, and I eat my big meal in the middle of the day and snack in the evening.

This was the first time I lost weight and kept it off in about 20 years.

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Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we've all been programmed by billboards and commercials and the fun themes of restaurants and the packaging of food itself. Many of the positive remembrances of holidays and the events of our lives, have laid an emotional connection to and hard-wired us to think of food in the most favorable terms