Cheating one meal?

Will i void the whole HCG diet if I had a cheat meal?

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What happens if you cheat one meal?
by: Terry

Hi, and thanks for the question!

Fortunately for you and everyone who has used HCG, the diet is very forgiving of those errors in judgement that come with being human.

The day that you break all the rules, you will not lose weight but, in the next 24 - 36 hours, your body will get back on course and begin to lose weight again.

If for some reason, weight loss does not resume, you may have engaged what is known to HCG dieters as a "stall" and if that happens, consume 6 medium red apples during your next wake cycle and you will start losing again.

Once you have restarted, return to the prescribed HCG diet.

Here's to your health! Terry

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