Dislikes on the food list :(

by Becki

Hiya! I started the hcg diet yesterday and am on day 2 of the loading phase! But I'm dreading tomorrow as I don't actually eat any of the listed vegetables. So I just wanted to ask, is it okay to replace those veg with other ones? Such as carrots or sweet corn? I don't know what to do, I'm so desperate to do the diet and lose weight that I've struggled with for years, but I just don't eat those vegetables :(

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Alternate vegetables ...
by: Terry

Hi Becki!

The originator of the diet, Dr. A.W. Simeons an endricrinologist, spent years working out which foods worked synergistically with and which foods did not work with the HCG diet. We advise people to start-out following the prescribed diet as written and then gradually add alternative fruits and veggies observing closely those that react positively with the diet and those that cause you to stop losing weight.
Sorry there is no quick and fast answer to your question.

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