Emotional Triggers of Over-eating

For the majority of folks, their battle of weight-loss is not won or lost through calorie counts, portion control or eating good carbs, or bad carbs; a good oil or bad fat.

All the counting of calories and measuring of food, while important and helpful to some folks who want to see immediate physical change -- is just so much band-aid treatment of a deeper, wider and more pervasive 'invisible battle' going on round the clock 24/7/365 behind the scenes.

The real war -- where emotional strength and mental vigor is the front-line of success or the place of ultimate failure, lies in the gray matter between the ears ...The Battleground of the Mind.

Dr. Robert Kushner, 'The Personality Type Diet'

I state this based not upon some new revelatory studies or the discovery of a new diet pill the 're-programs the dieters mind' -- but based on my own analysis and years of observations of successful dieters and successful dieting.

Several decades ago I started taking note of dietary results based on self-imaging; image enhancement; positive affirmation, self-esteem building, hypnotherapy and the mind-game behind successful weight-loss.

Now, please before you tune me out, let me make a point or two. I was a little skeptical too until I saw the stats; read the progress of folks who'd used a self-esteem and goals setting program; life-coaching; hypnotherapist or a hypnotherapy program. And realized that the re-sults were not dismiss-able as flukes.

It all started when I began hearing stories and taking interviews with folks and that often repeated theme of "I struggled all my life with my weight ... tried every diet and couldn't keep it off" but then ended with the magic words UNTIL NOW..." My ears perked-up ...

Then the stories came forth and I started to see the 'game-behind-the-game'. The mental game that was the 'invisible framework' and a major background factor in every 'biggest loser' story. The mental factor that was the 'extra ummmph' that pushed folks over-the-top to long-term success.

It started to become ever so clear to me that before one can get to a place where calorie counts work; and charting inspires positive results and one can portion control successfully -- that a person has to have an inspired, positive mindset; a re-enforced positive mental framework that can do the 'heavy lifting' that clears the path for changes in life and health.

I consider myself well schooled in nutrition and dieting. However, as the case for this 'invisible mental framework' was building for what I now consider 'the most powerful single factor behind successful dieting' for heavily over-weight and the obese -- I was feeling like I had missed something in the study of major dietary theory.

As I said, I had gathered some very positive evidence and testimonies and was starting to really get some inner-revelation when my wife played a section of DVD by a world renowned motivational coach and one of his clients.

In the recording the coach and the lady recount a brief contact at a life-coaching seminar, how in just a matter of minutes, he'd broken through to her with some sub-conscious truth about life and now a year and a half-later they were getting together again -- she totally unrecognizable to him because she had subsequently lost 238 lbs.

She was radiant with cool confidence. "What happened to you in the last year or so?" he asked looking both ecstatic and delighted for her.

"It was your words, your affirmations that turned the corner for me. I've lost 238 pounds and it has been easy

She had tried every gimmick diet; every weight loss approach; every pill. But until she 'hooked into the mindset that she was worthy of being healthy, looking good, and being in control of her personal health destiny' she was at the mercy of every negative emotion, every sad thought; every negative memory.

But now she was the total victor, with her life in control and not the other way around"

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Do thoughts of past crisis, sad events, lifes hurts and personal failures encourage you to eat?

Interested? Fascinated with the possibilities?

If you have tried and failed to maintain your health and weight with other approaches, this could be your ticket to a new life ...

You'll not be surprised to learn that -- one of our most highly recommended diets, 'The Personality Diet' by Robert Kushner, M.D. uses a self-administered mental evaluation as the major foundation for his weight-loss approach.

And FYI -- Dr. Kushner is one of a handful of medical authorities and dietary researchers that thousands of other medical authorities and dieticians turn to for accurate, critically researched reference material.

Final thoughts...

We at Healthy-Weightloss-and-Diet think that getting help with the 'mind-set' and self-esteem, mental imaging is a tremendous approach to not just weight control, but total Life Revision!

So please friend, if you have struggled all you life with self-esteem issues, feeling unworthy, feeling of lack of importance or self-abuse ... please check out Dr. Kushner's Personality Diet or one of the side bar ads offering self-esteem or positive life coaching.



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