HCG & diabetes

If you have diabetes is it safe to do this diet?

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Diabetics and HCG supplimentation
by: Terry

Hi! Thanks for your thoughtful question! To answer you very pointedly, we do not recommend that you use the HCG spray or be on a sharply reduced calorie diet while working through the myriad of medical issues associated with diabetes.

Although HCG user / dieters are receiving abundant calories from the digestion of the fat in the body during the reduced calorie portion of the diet ... concern for the balancing of the users bio-chemical processes and your bodily energy needs while they are challenged with a systemic illness like diabetes, heart disease or cancer, must be our first consideration.

While we've never had anyone report bio-chemical imbalances with using the HCG ... we want you to be SAFE and healthy.

Please consider using the product after your diabetes is minimized and then only with the permission of your physician or health care practitioner.

Since weight issues are often due to what goes on in your subconscious that causes you stress, to eat what you shouldn't or when your shouldn't, I suggest you check out this website for help.

Many Blessings!

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