How long do I stay on the drops?

I have been on drops for amost 5 weeks now and I didn't receive info with my drops so I'm not sure how long I stay on them. I heard from others that you only stay on for 45 days and then you have to go off for 6 weeks. Is that true? Also what do you eat during that time. Also is there a difference in which drops you take or are they all the same. I'm not losing as fast as I thought I would because I had about 60 lbs to lose.

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How long can I stay on HCG?
by: Terry

How long do I stay on HCG?

Sorry you didn't purchase from us. We give all our clients complete diet information and offer free Q & A and continuing support regarding the HCG and it's dietary regimen.

Unfortunately, the answer is not cut-and-dried as you would wish. Many folks in the diet / medical community are using the buzz words "bio-chemical individuality" to describe the phenomena that not everyone responds to chemicals in the same way. AND this is the case with HCG. Some can stay on it way longer than others without a break or the break can be very shortened compared to others.

Generally speaking, staying on HCG for a maximum of 40 days, plus or minus a few days is best. Then, if you are on HCG homeopathic drops or spray a minimum break of 3 days, but a period of 7 - 10 days is preferable. Then you can restart the drops/spray with 3 days use before adding the dietary restrictions and VLCD (very low calorie diet.

Finally, you asked if there is a dietary protocol that goes with the HCG. The answer is a resounding Yes! and if held to, will help you maximize your weight-loss. Click on this link HCG Diet and see the abbreviated diet on our site.
Thanks for asking!

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