How many HCG sprays a day?

by Meghan

I just ordered the hcg spray from you and I'm just wondering how many sprays you do each time you use it and how many times during the day you should use it? Also does it matter at what time you use the spray?

Thanks so much

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How many HCG Homeopathic sprays a day
by: Terry

We recommend that a person use "three sprays per day - three times a day". Spreading the spraying episodes to one in the morning -- one again after lunch and then finally doing the last after dinner is best for keeping the HCG balanced in the system.

All that said, HCG will work even if you group a couple a sprays together and then close the day with one at bed time.

Here is our HCG Diet Protocol that has all the HCG diet instructions.

Thanks for your question and choosing Nature's Abundance HCG Homeopathic Spray.

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