Is there any flexibilty in the diet?

by Margie Potter
(Diesel, MT)

I've read over Dr. Simeon's diet and it seems kind of limited to just a few fruits and veggies. Is that correct?

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Feb 25, 2015
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Sep 05, 2011
HCG diet flexibility
by: Terry

Hi Margie!'

Since Dr. Simeons discovery of the benefits of HCG and his putting together of the original diet protocol -- lots of further research has been done on what may be included in the diet.
These days diet experts speak of "biochemical individuality' and food choices.
Big words that simply means everybody responds in their own way to different foods and stimuli. One person on HCG may be able to eat apples, or oranges and others not. Some can eat raw nuts and others not. There are few absolutes when it come to how masses of people respond to anything bio-chemical or bio-active.

We suggest that a person get settled-in on the HCG diet and losing at a predictable rate, then add a questionable item and measure the result. If the weight-loss stalls -- then they can't eat that item. If they continue to lose at the same rate -- it's a no brainer; they can eat it without consequence. If they lose at just slightly less than normal rate -- then it's their choice to accept the lesser weight-loss or shy away from it altogether. Hope this helps.

To Health!

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