Losing The Pounds I Thought Would Never Lose!

by Michelina
(North Detroit)

This is sooooo cooool!

I have been on diets on and off most of my adult life and after my second child -- just held onto 25 - 30 extra pounds. I tried losing with Phenermine; low carb; high protein all kinds of funky diets. I was very skeptical of HCG and the follow-up diets -- but decided to give it a shot anyway cause it had worked for friend. I started losing right away and kept on losing till I reached about 14 pounds. Then I went into what the experts describe as a "stall" -- where you're doing everything right but just don't lose any more. My trainer had me stop taking the HCG for a day and eat 8 small apples. The next day the HCG started working again and I went back to losing 1/4 to 1/2 a pound daily.

By the way -- I never did get to a place where I was 'hunger free' -- but my hunger gradually got better so that by the 2nd month I was OK with the little that was left.

Oh yeah; Sometimes too I wouldn't lose anything one day and the next lose a full pound.

I am now on The Sonoma Diet which Mr. Irvine recommends and it is GREAT. Terrific tasting food that is easy to fix and isn't expensive or have any weird ingredients.

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Mediterranean style eating ...
by: Terry

Hi Michelina!
Thanks for you terrific weight-loss story. I am so glad that you didn't let the hunger -- which apparently never fully went away keep you from your goal. Bravo for you!
There are a lot of great mediterannean style eating cookbooks and manuals out there -- all of which will keep you eating healthy and maintaining your weight-loss.
Best wishes for your future!

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