No weightloss in the first week?

by Anna.

I have been on the HCG Drops for 5days now and weigh the same as I did when I started the Drops, when should I see the weight loss, I have eating Great and walking daily.

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No weight loss yet
by: Terence

You should have lost some weight by now. Are you following the typically prescribed diet or just eating great according to you? Also, are you avoiding putting products with oil on your body?

You should be spraying 3 sprays 3x a day. It is best to not have anything to eat or drink within 10 min before or after using the spray.

Remember that any oil you eat or put on your body will be used by your body before using your fat stores.

Contact the website you purchased from if they did not provide a link on their site or something that provided all the information for success.

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