Dr. Kushner's GENIUS will help you SHRINK and stay in good health.

The Personality Type Diet

Diet at a Glance ...

According to a new study by the University of Pennsylvania, almost ALL diets work -- somewhat.

“Diets work if you use them,” Dr. Gary Foster, Clinical Director of the Weight and Eating Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania. “Willpower and self-discipline aren’t the answer to permanent weight control. Unless a person is comfortable with their diet -- they won’t stick with it.”

So then, one of the biggest issues in dieting is "finding the diet that fits with personality, metabolism, philosophy, lifestyle, and pocket-book of the dieter".

Enter The Personality Diet created by Dr. Robert Kushner.

After being on the Director of the Northwestern Comprehensive Center on Obesity in Chicago, Professor of Medicine, at Northwestern University, President of The Obesity Society, and author of over 140 scientific articles on obesity, weight and nutrition -- this "Scholar on Fat" recognized that "no two peoples' metabolisms are the same; no two people respond to stimulus or adversity the same".

Thus, Dr. Kushner created a 66 point personality and behavioral schedule that helps the dieter to discover what their behavioral, personality, habits and attitudes toward eating and their self-image.

Based on the scores, a person falls into one or more categories. For example, when it comes to eating, a person may be a "Mindless Muncher;" when it comes to exercise, an "All-or-Nothing Doer"; in coping, a "Can't-Say-No Pleaser".

In sections of the book, appropriate for each type, Kushner offers specific advice helpful in changing the behaviors and attitudes with which a person self-identifies. This doesn't mean other sections of the book aren't full of great advice. Remember; this guy is a BIG AUTHORITY (in the top 5) on diet and weight-control.

Different from Other Diets ...

The consideration of personality in weight-control is HUGE factor in controlling weight in my opinion. If you don't know what motivates you, or de-motivates you -- it's our opinion that you can't get a lasting handle on ones weight-control.


* Personality test gives clear insight to ones motivation for over-eating

* World Class answers to metabolic, and motivational questions

* He recommend the use of natural foods that encourage overall health.

* Has a HUGE success rate.


* Can be scary to some folks who don't want to "look inside themselves" at motivational triggers

* Asks the dieter to "eat healthfully"

* Is Not a quick Fix


Dr. Kushner doesn't just re-hash the same old information like most like most folks do. He is one of the foremost authorities in the world from which much nutrition and diet research info comes.
If you one of those folks that are not quite sure why you are large -- who doesn't understand why they ate 6 donuts after a filling lunch or can't stop those mid-night snacks -- this program is UN-EQUALED.

Even the most experienced dieters can benefit from applying his materials.

We rate it 9.5 on a scale of 10.