Potency of HCG

by Rick Karnofski
(Woodinville WA)

Hi. I wanted to know what your potency level is for your HCG spray? Your pricing is good and just want to make sure that the product I am buying is at the same or similar level as other products on the market.

Thank you.


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HCG Potency
by: Terry

We have formulated the HCG and amino acids at 4x, 8x and 12x formulations. If you are a regular homeopathy user, you will recognize that these lower "X" compoundary preparations are used for CHRONIC conditions, which most over-weight situations are, as opposed to a ACUTE formulations in the "C" compoundary.

Thanks for the question! But beyond that, our product has a guarantee of performance. It works great, or your money back.

Regards, Terry

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