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Your Secrets, Tricks and Short-cuts on Losing Weight and Dieting

Ask a professional about their area of expertise and they'll usually rattle off some pretty insightful stuff ...

BUT MORE OFTEN THAN NOT it's the man-or-lady-on-the-street that un-covers some neat way to solve a problem; invent some new wonderful gadget or finds the 'whooda guessed that?' solution to make something work better or faster.
Like adding "a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down"!.

That's why we created this Dieting Secrets, Tricks and Short-cuts page.

Because folks all over the world have discovered helpful and interesting but sometimes off-beat weight-loss insights that the 'experts' wouldn't have guessed in a million years.

The following pages list some of our readers personal tips, tricks and hints on how they made their diets work a lot better for them.

Have you discovered a "secret" to making dieting work for you? Any kind of diet?

Have you discovered some unexpected, unthought-of key to making your diets work? Please share it with all your fellow dieters.

If you have a question about the HCG diet, visit our HCG Diet Questions page.

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Starbucks to lose weight? Yes! 
THIS SOUNDS WEIRD, but for several years now -- when I need to lose a pound, I go to Starbucks and order my favorite Frappuccino. I don't know why it …

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