slipping on hcg plan

by rebecca

So here is my question. I started the HCG diet and did everything perfectly for almost three weeks. I lost twenty lbs and then broke-out of the dietary plan for four days. I have re-started the HCG and went back to the proper food intake. However did I mess the entire diet up, b/c I am getting married in June and need to lose 11 more pounds. Can I still continue and achieve my goal?

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Re-starting the HCG diet
by: Terry

Hi Rebecca!
You can re-start immediately by taking the shots, spray or drops just like you did when you first began the program and on the 4th day of using the supplement -- add the calorie restrictions.
Don't know what your goal is exactly, but 11 pounds by June sounds very do-able.
Hope you have a blessed marriage!


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