The South Beach Diet is a TRIED and TRUE CHAMPION of healthy weight loss

The South Beach Diet is an eating plan that consists of three phases which guide the dieter in slimming.

Phase 1: Introduction (begin losing weight and reduce food cravings),

Phase 2 is the Target Stage (set goal and steadily lose weight) and

Phase 3 is the long-term maintenance stage.

The South Beach Diet focuses on minimizing carbohydrates and optimizing protein-rich lean meats, along with some grains, vegetables and fruits.

Initially The South Beach Diet rules out most carb oriented foods like pasta and potatoes, but within a few weeks offers a broader variety of foods.

The South Beach Diet strives to help dieters recognize, then hit their “target weight” and then releases them to eat a little more freely as they continue on their target weight path.

The authors remove carbs during the first few weeks to break the body’s habituated desire for carb-centered foods.

The South Beach Diet essentially involves guiding the dieter in understanding and eating healthier meals, then offers pre-packaged frozen meals which can be conveniently microwaved.

Diet focuses on the reduction of unhealthy carbohydrates, the reduction a food cravings and is based on the Glycemic Index.

The South Beach Diet programs are suitable for both men and women.


* Offers permanent, healthy weight-loss based on revised eating protocol and an understanding of one's personal bio-chemistry.


* The South Beach Diet is NOT an instant fix

* They offer no appetite suppressants or dietary aids in any way.


For some dieters, the lack of dietary stimulants or suppressants may not offer a fast enough track for them. Also, for some health conscious individuals, microwaving food, which alters many food chemicals and enzymes, is an unacceptable factor of the diet.

Finally some folks do not like the concept of being on a 'permanent diet' and thus they are less happy with The South Beach diet long-term than with some other diets.

The South Beach Diet is a good choice for many individuals who’se bodies are sensitive to carbohydrates, which is also a common denominator in many glucose intolerant and weight gain equations.