Sporatic weightloss

by Theresa

I have several HCG diet questions. Since getting back on the drops, I've been losing 1/2 lb., (one day) staying the same the next day, then (losing) another 1/2 lb. One day, I did lose 1 1/2 but the other days have been only a half pound. Is that normal?

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Sporatic weightloss on HCG spray
by: Terry

It is normal while on the HCG Spray for your weight loss to vary from day to day. The number of factors that enter into weight-loss for most people is just incredible. Weight-loss is not just calorie counting; not just carbs or protein; not just portion control; not just fat. It's about emotions and stress, and time of life and tons of things. Did you get a flat tire? Have an argument with hubby? Daughter get a new boyfriend? Is it that time of month? EVERYTHING effects body metabolism.

Rest easy: I assure you it is all normal, and it will be OK.

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