by Jeanne
(Toledo, Ohio, USA)

I am completing my 1st round and I want to lose more weight but not on the HCG? Do I continue onto the stabilization? Do I want to stabilize my weight?? Please advise me?

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by: Terence

Hello! Long-term weight loss is all about discovering the MOTIVES behind why one eats as we do. Yes, counting calories is an portion of weight control...not sucking down calories before we go to bed ...not over-eating...not eating in an imbalanced manner, etc.

GO off the diet per the recommendation ... but try to figure out WHY you eat incorrectly. I would guess that 80% or more of over-eating is emotionally related. Stress at the office... we're not pretty enough... we feel like a failure in our parents eyes, etc.

Please check Mind For Success Kit at for help with all the subconscious programs that cause your body to hold on to fat and may be keeping you from losing weight.

Best of wishes,

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