Super Foods will give you an extra boost for health and greater success!

Super Foods are an elite truly power-packed group of fruits, vegetables and derivative foods that have been PROVEN to help people function better and in live in abundant health!

Unfortunately for us all, few 'classically' educated dieticians, and physicians acknowledge their spectacular benefits for mankind. Unfortunately for us, many of these foods incredible attributes are not even on the 'old schools' radar, much less recommended to be on our dinner plates!

We've said this numerous times and will continue to make it a point of commentary that conventional medicine (allopathy) is years behind (most profess 5-15 years) 'alternative' or integrative health medicine in their knowledge of food benefits, health supplements, vitamins, etc.

Don't get me wrong here. I am NOT a rebel without a cause.

My 'cause' is your health and in this particular case, your additional weight-loss and increase in overall health.

But it is true that many M.D.s and the run-of-the-mill nutritionist speak from knowledge that is YEARS, if not decades behind the times. Want to find out more about Super Foods? Then click on the blue link ahead for a A Closer Look at SuperFoods ...