The Sonoma Diet: Eat your favorite foods; lose weight and get healthy!

The Sonoma Diet is a TERRIFIC DIET, but it's got one unusual requirement: you gotta like food!
"Like food?", you say! Why do think I'm looking at this page? Food and me are BEST FRIENDS!
That may be, but not all who are overweight eat too much. Some have hormonal problems, or metabolism issues, and still others have emotional things going on.

But if you like food, The Sonoma Diet is a really enjoyable experience, because while eating well, (and the foods you like) you will quickly notice that you have more energy; that your body is re-shaping nicely and that your mind-set is re-setting too a more positive 'can-do' attitude too.

The Sonoma Diet is more than just another holistic diet; it's not just a plan; not just a mindset and not simply a way of eating. This diet is one of the tiny handful of highly beneficial diets that are truly healthful and mindful of the Mind, Body and Soul connection that food has on us.

The Sonoma Diet plan encourages enjoying whole grains, meats, vegetables, cheese - and even wine! Nothing is left to guess work.

Dr. Connie Guttersen, R.D., Ph.D. -- who pioneered this great plan, believes that the best way to lose weight is to "love what you eat, and not deny yourself the foods you enjoy".

She must have read my mind! It, like several other 'wave' diets prime your body with a 10 day "eat-well, but 'don't be hungry' internal cleaning and break-the-craves program.

After the 10 day 'focus diet' you move right into your intermediary goal plan (you'll still be diggin' this because you eat loads of the foods you like (you actually selected them) to be on the diet!

Finally, when you achieve your target weight -- it really is possible! you'll move to a 'maintenance style' of eating that you have by now well learned and also truly enjoy.


* You eat foods that YOU LOVE and have included in the diet.

* Is not a starvation or feel hungry diet.

* Re-newed energy; renewed mental outlook!

* Steady, long-term, steady weight-loss and control.


* Is not an 'instant results' diet. You will see immediate results, -- both mental and physical, but not flashy, huge losses.

* Unless you like at least some cooking -- this diet can be a little cumbersome because you'll want to cook some of their food options.


You will find The Sonoma Diet is 'an everything I always hoped for in a healthy diet, diet".

From a Healthy Weight-Loss perspective this is as close to a 10- on-a-scale-of-10 as you get! The weight comes off and stays off without suffering hunger pains or emotional anguish.