More about Weight Watchers and why it works so well!

On Weight Watchers , your favorite foods are still allowed in moderation -- which is soooooo very comforting and nice.

You'll learn skills to control your eating behaviors and your cravings, and you'll learn about the benefits of choosing filling foods and daily physical activity.

Summary: Being part of this close community of health and slimming "seekers" you'll enjoy real, healthy, widely available foods in moderate portions. You'll also be encouraged to make a heartfelt commitment to learning about and improving your eating behaviors. Likewise you'll learn the "plus side" to being more active in your daily life, and finally you'll develop accountability with friends, family or WW staff.

This "Tried and True" program is a good to great dieting choice depending upon your own personal health needs. Regardless of whether you want to lose 30 or 300 lbs -- their "no stone un-turned" approach to weight-loss will move you nicely down the road to a slimmer, healthier and happier you.


You should really consider doing Weight Watchers AND the No Diet Method, so you can eventually quit dieting and continue to lose weight.

The No Diet Method program, "90 Days to Your Diet Free Life" re-wires your brain for fat loss.

Check out the No Diet Method