Weight Watchers: Old timey sounding -- but a good weight-loss program for Today and all your Tomorrows.

Weight Watchers has been around a long time -- which means they've really got something solid to offer. Their latest incarnation is a benchmark work of science, nutrition and psychology, that offers the dieter among the most well-rounded approach in the world.

The latest formula which WW calls "Momentum", has been carefully honed from over 40 years of intensive research.

The Chief Science Officer, Karen Miller Kovach, MS, RD, thinks the latest program -- is "the best ever" -- incorporating more of the science behind metabolism, calorie counting, portion control, and all the emotional and psychological facets of eating like never before. Weight Watchers has always focused on long-term weight management, and a commitment to an overall healthy lifestyle based on a balancing emotional and metabolic needs.

The whole program is focused on four bedrock principles:

* Consume smarter

* Burn more calories by moving more

* Develop and work with a support system of friends

* Developing better mental and emotional eating habits.

Much of WW's success is due to keeping its' members connected to each other and to support staff. Members can get support both online and at local weekly meetings found in most communities.

"Being connected is one of the secrets to long-term weight loss success," says Kovach. "When you have to go to a meeting and be accountable to friends or log-in your weight on-line, it serves as a motivator to stay on track."

Our "point system" allows dieters to eat whatever they want. Sometimes their choices are not always the healthiest, so WW developed and emphasizes "low energy -- feel-full foods" that make every point count, provide good nutrition, yet keep hunger at bay.

Positive Aspects

* Great support systems -- both local and distance.
* The Weight Watchers system allows for the dieter to "self-reward".
* Delicious, tasty and filling food choices.

Possibly Negative Aspects

* Folks that struggle with fixating on food -- sometimes struggle with counting calories, measuring portions,etc.

* Some people may need more psychological support and education to discover the motivation of "why they eat" ...

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Check out the No Diet Method

General Evaluation

Weight Watchers is without argument a Top 10 diet. We have always said that you have to find a diet that fits your lifestyle and personality in order for that diet to ultimately be successful. So, if you like freedom of choice, good food, and giving yourself rewards for good behavior -- WW's could be a great choice for you.

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