Dr. Weil's Wellness Diet will change old you, into ALL NEW YOU!

The Wellness Diet is the brain-child, the culmination of life-long observations of Dr. Andrew Weil. If you are not familiar with Dr. Weil -- many consider him to be a bright-spot in the practice of impersonal, modern medicine; to be a mold-breaker and trend-setter for this age.

Dr. Weil, is a Harvard trained M.D. who believes that medicine fails the general populous because modern medicine as a system, fails to address the 'whole person' -- with an integrative healing approach.

Right on Dr. W!

To that end, he believes that diets, per se, do not work because they focus on only a few of the many pertinent issues in a persons life. Too often medical efforts exclude the patients overall current health; current psychological, emotional and spiritual state(s); stressers, etc.

If you can relate to a 'total person approach', and are open to non-traditional, but safe, effective methods of weight-loss, healing and achieving happiness, Dr. Weil’s "address every aspect of life" plan may well be for you!

He sells nothing dietarily related -- other than his knowledge and an in-expensive monthly newsletter that attempts to keeps the dieter / health-seeker inspired and active in pursuing their health goals.

His web site does offer advice on other issues including;
Anti-aging; inflammatory related diseases; spiritual wholeness and living a well balanced life as a complete and whole, integrated person.


* Addresses the whole person and all the issues of their life

* No special diet foods

* No enrollment fees

* No fees or sales-persons prodding you to buy


* Dr. Weil's approach is not a 'quick-fix'

* Some folks are uncomfortable exploring their 'human situation' for causes of their weight issue.***

* Journaling of moods and spiritual states; foods and meals, etc. takes time and effort.

*** You really MUST address what is causing your body to hold on to fat though. Please check out Tracie's No Diet Method program, "90 Days to Your Diet Free Life" because she has the training to help you through this!

Once you remove all those nasty subconscious programs causing your body to hold on to fat, causing you to feel stressed (stress = fat storage by the way) and causing your unhealthy eating habits, you will naturally start losing weight!

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Dr. Weil presents a well-documented and well thought-out thesis substantiating the fact that humans prosper in health (and lose weight long-term) when their mental, spiritual, and physical systems are in-synch. This is a slow, but sure -- a WINNER'S APPROACH for a lifetime of change.